At Our Lady of Mercy Catholic College Burraneer, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

College Executive
Principal Mrs Leonie Pearce
Dean of School – Years 10-12 Mr Paul Hughes

Dean of School – Years 7-9

Mrs Lauren Batty
Dean of Mission Mrs Marg Marriott
Leader of Integrated Curriculum, Pedagogy, Assessment 7-12 Ms Lisa Romberg
Leader of Operations & Administration Mr Andrew Mackenzie
Pathways & Partnerships 7-12 Mr Stephen Roberts
Instructional Leaders of Wellbeing        
Year 7  Miss Maria Bautista
Year 8  Ms Amira Ghebranious
Year 9  Ms Courtney Kramer
Year 10 

Mrs Ellouise Bernie –

Ms Ciara Gabriele (Acting)